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Is pain stopping you or holding you back from what you love ?    


Do you feel lost and need some help to get you back on the right track ?


I will work with you to find the cause of your problem, guiding you clearly and concisely through your rehab until you are back to your best and doing what YOU WANT.


Every session is all about you- Specific, Detailed, Thorough and Effective.

We will work together to help you breathe better, move better, feel better and ultimately LIVE BETTER

  • "Different to the usual 'rub where it hurts' treatment, actually looks at where the issue stems from."

    - Laura M

  • "Diagnosed something I tried googling and asking other professionals about that the rest did not see. Problem sorted and back being active again!"

    - Calum S

  • "I have had ongoing issues with a congenital spinal disease since the age of 13. After seeing 10+ different physiotherapists, Jonathan has by far been the most thorough and professional, providing me with a great care plan and has made a massive difference to my pain. I can't thank you enough Jonathan, Simply amazing.

    - Callum F

  • " Excellent! Jonathan was brilliant, much better than any other physios I've seen before, he really looks into the root cause of the problem"

    - Laura T

  • "My doctor told me I needed surgery on my thumb. As part of the injury management process I had consultation with Jonathan, he found that the problem stemmed from my forearm and with manipulation and dry needling over a few sessions he managed to give me back full use of my thumb and rid me of discomfort. Jonathan is my hero saving me from unnecessary surgery. Thank you so much Jonathan, You’re a legend."

    - Dawn W

  • "I've been having physio treatment from Jonathan over a couple of months. 

    I find Jonathan to be very good at what he does and he also thinks outside of the box . With his techniques, he has helped me greatly and has allowed me to get relief from the pain I had been going though.

    Thanks Jonathan"

    - Paul B

  • "I am still so grateful for the treatment and time you spent with me, my sciatica has not returned! I can’t believe it! It used to play up daily and when I would try to sleep and now, nothing! My back is fine also. And…. I’m 6 months pregnant, so I thought I would definitely get some sciatica issues back. Thank you Jonathan"

    - Gerilee H

Your body deserves the right Neutrients.

Call Jonathan on 0498 473 325 to book your initial assessment or use the form below.

* We will be in touch to confirm our availability for your preferred date.

jonathan neutrient

Jonathan Bullen


BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy, APAM, NKT, AiM, SFMA

Jonathan graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK in 2008. He gained extensive experience in all core areas of physiotherapy before specialising in musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation.

In adjunct to his strong manual therapy approach, Jonathan is certified in SFMA, dry needling, Anatomy in Motion and Neurokinetic Therapy level II and will apply all of these to assist you in your recovery.

Jonathan’s special interests are the assessment and management of longstanding conditions, sports rehabilitation and back and shoulder pain.

In his spare time Jonathan enjoys swimming and road cycling and has completed some of the toughest cycling routes in the world in the French Alps and Pyrenees.